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The photos of us that I’ve found so far.

I got told in a comment on the EB Games facebook page we had no self respect, that this was bad taste, and that my friend (Silk Spectre) should be wearing wearing a mask to cover herself. To that, I say go fuck yourself. We look damn hot and we actually have REASONING behind why my costume looks like that. Unlike the girl dressed up as a Pickachu with only a tutu and yellow bikini top… Seriously, I hate some people!


Going to post my own photos soon! ask-the-comedian, just you wait!!! :D 

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    ((CHECK THESE BABES OUT! Never has The Comedian looked so damn hot, and WOWIE, Sally looks hotter and hotter as the...
  3. ask-the-comedian said: ((Haters are the most fun to belittle. You girls looked INCREDIBLE, so FUCK. THEM. Bad taste is dressing whorishly JUST to dress whorishly, like said Pikachu cosplayer and others. I can’t WAIT to see your other photos!))
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